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Samples of official Land Registry documents
Title Register
The Property Register is one of the main Title Deeds containing;
1) Title Number
2) Description of the property
3) Tenure (Freehold or Leasehold)
4) Name and address of the proprietiers (Owners),
5) Purchase price (If registered after 2002),
6) Details of mortgage, Lender etc
7) Other charges and covenants.

Sample Leasehold Register
£19.99 - Property Register
For Blocks of Flats
For a freehold that covers a number of leaseholds (for example a block of flats) you will also have a Schedule of Notices of Leases section showing for each flat

1) Lease Title Number
2) Registration date of lease
3) Property description
4) Term of Lease
5) Date of lease
6) Plan ref.

Sample Freehold Register
£19.99 - Property Register
Copy of the Lease
The Lease is the contract or agreement between a Lessor and lessee that sets out each parties rights and obligations

A copy of the registered lease can be provided for any leasehold property

£29.99 - Lease
Title Plan
When a property is registered at the Land Registry, a title register and title plan are prepared. The plan shows the land owned on the latest Ordnance Survey map available at the time of registration.
Your title plan will show:

- the title number of the land
- the land included in the title which is normally edged in red. There may be other colours or markings on the plan. The significance of these is explained in the register
- the scale at which the plan is drawn

Sample Title Plan
£19.99 - Title plan

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