We offer the best business broadband packages available

Depending on your requirements we’ll be able to give you options to suit your business. Subject to the availability in your area you can also achieve up to 24Mb speeds with an Axis average of 17Mbps based on speed tests from 10% of our customer base!

The price will very much be dependent on your expected usage and speed requirement. 

Package Price Per Month
BT Area - Up to 24mb with unlimited usage £8.50
BT Area - Up to 38mbps fibre broadband with unlimited usage £20.00
BT Area - Up to 76mbps fibre broadband with unlimited usage £25.00
KC Area - Up to 20mb with 50gb usage limit £22.50
KC Area - Up to 20mb with truly unlimited usage £44.99

Excellent customer service

We also feel that our service is as good as if not better than anyone else and we’ll respond to any faults or queries that you might have, 24 hours a day and do our very best to sort them out there and then.

If you need a fixed connection we can do that or if you prefer to be mobile then we can also supply wifi too.

Mobile Broadband

We can even supply dongles to keep you connected when you’re out and about with your laptop too – see mobile broadband