Switching To Axis

  • When will I receive my new router?

    Broadband takes around 14 days to complete from date of ordering. Axis aims to send the new router approximately 2 days before completion.

  • What broadband speed am I likely to achieve?

    Broadband speed is determined by a number of factors such as age, quality and length of the telephone line. Axis boasts a network average of 17mbps.

  • Will my Axis broadband be faster than it is with my current supplier?

    Some networks will restrict your broadband speeds which Axis do not however most transfers are "like for like" meaning that you will more than likely receive a similar service just at a much better price.

  • When should I cancel the broadband with my current supplier?

    Most of the time, broadband is migrated from one supplier to another and therefore, it is not necessary for you to cancel your existing broadband service. In the unlikely event that this is not the case, we will inform you of this, the reasons why and what to do next.

  • Can I receive fibre optic broadband?

    The provision of fibre optic broadband relies on a number of different factors such as network availability and even the way that your address is registered. To find out if you're fibre enabled in your area, please contact customer services on 01482 388 400.

Common Technical Queries

  • What router will I receive?

    Axis supply 2 different routers depending on the service that you are taking out. The ZyXEL AMG1302 for all standard broadband connections and the Technicolour TG588 for fibre broadband which has both a broadband and a fibre modem built in and intelligently switches between the 2 once your fibre broadband has been installed.

  • How many devices can i connect to my Axis router?

    Both of Axis's routers have 4 wired ports . The number of wireless connections, although can be anywhere up to 200 will depend on the speed of your broadband connection as every device using the broadband will decrease the bandwidth available.

  • Can I use the router that I already have?

    In some cases, yes however most internet service provider branded routers such as the BT hub are only able to be used with a BT username. As a rule, most broadband routers purchased on the high street will work with Axis broadband

  • How do I find my wireless security key?

    Your wireless security key is unique to your router and can be found on the underside/back of the router. The wireless key is case sensitive and will need to be entered exactly as it is written.

  • How do I login to my router?

    Your router comes pre-configured with your user details however, in the event that you wish to log into the router, the default IP address for the Technicolour is The username to access your router (case sensitive) is admin and the password is the serial number of the router which can be found on the underside of the router. The ZyXEL router IP address is The username is AXISAdmin and the password is AXIS1234.

  • What can I do if my broadband is slow during peak hours?

    Some of the older broadband networks can suffer from congestion during peak hours. Axis aims to provide business broadband on the best circuit possible but exchange avaiilability sometimes means that the older networks are all that are available. Axis regulary check for network upgrades in all areas and will move your broadband to the best available technology when ever possible.