Working with Axis

Axis works with a wide range of partners, you may be a Broker, Consultant, Third Party Company or an individual all of our partners get the same service.  We love to come and meet as there is nothing better to put a name to a face and we do have a Broker Portal available but we don’t want to hide behind this as this is to support you.


Fast and friendly approach to account management with our partners, available to answer questions that you may have.  We aim to turn around price requests within 24hrs and at times we are able to turn around pricing almost immediately.

Partner Channel is your point of contact for any pre-sale or after the customer has gone live, if there is any issue let us know so we can help resolve the matter
We can offer bespoke pricing and align end dates when needed, give the partner team a call for further information
SME focused but do support I&C Customers
Multi site friendly
Ability to pre credit check sales
Offer Lead generation Telecom sales for our energy brokers

Full support for Telecom sales
• Dedicated number to call for Technical queries
• Quick line information
• Tariff and sales support
• Full training provided before you start selling for Axis.

Broker portal for energy
• Quickly generate a quote
• Generate contracts (PDF, Verbal and DocuSign)
• Status updates throughout the sales journey
• Reports available to pull
• Secure environment to view and submit deals to Axis

Weekly and monthly commission available
Upfront and Residual commission available

Who can apply?
Working with Axis you will be representing Axis as an independent Partner selling Electricity, Gas, Telecoms, Broadband and Mobiles
You may be an individual, company or an aggregator all can apply as you are representing Axis we want you to adhere to our standards in sales, data protection and professional attitude to give the customer the product and services they require.
If you have specific questions give us a call 01482 388406
*All calls to the partner channel at Axis for Business are recorded for training and verification purposes.

How to apply?

You can apply online via our portal where you can complete and send to us electronically.   You can also give us a call to find out more on 01482 388406 or email

*All calls to the partner channel at Axis for Business are recorded for training and verification purposes.

How to access Axis Broker Portal
You can access the Broker portal at on a mobile, tablet or a PC any device with an internet connection.  With this ability you can quote and generate a contract on the customer’s premises and if you send it by DocuSign once they have signed it a copy is automatically uploaded to the portal ready for submission.

What’s a micro business?

You’re a micro business if...

You use less than 100,000 kWh of electricity a year OR
You use less than 293,000 kWh of gas a year OR
You have fewer than 10 employees (or their full-time equivalent) and your yearly turnover, or yearly balance sheet, is not more than two million Euros

The consumption threshold applies to the fuel being supplied


Codes Of Conduct & Practice

Axis requires all TPI's to comply with the highest standards of personal conduct and best sales practice, with a prime focus on the fair and reasonable treatment of prospective customers and on obtaining high quality customers for the company. There are Codes of Conduct and Practice for specific regulatory requirements and codes applicable to each sector.

Relevant codes of conduct and practice include:

  • Energy: Ofgem Code of Practice
  • Telecommunications: Ofcom Code of Practice (General condition 24)
  • DSA: Direct Sales Association Code Of Conduct

As an TPI you will be provided with the relevant information and product training in order to comply with the above codes of practice and guidelines, and relevant regulatory requirements.

If you are still unclear about anything, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.