PartThis page contains a list of the most common FAQs our Partner Team receive regarding our Partner Channel
  • How do I apply to work with Axis?

    You can apply online via our Broker Portal just click register for an Account and complete the online application.  Once you have submitted the application Axis will vet your application and if sucessful we will send out a TPI agreement via signable so you can esign the agreemnt

  • Do you have a portal available?

    Yes!, we have a broker portal for our eenrgy sales, you are able to quickly quote, contract and submit deals directly and securley to Axis.  

    The Portal will also give stats updates for your sales giveing you valuable information in real time.

  • What happens when I leave?

    You are entitled to terminate your TPI agreement with Axis at any time without any notice either verbally or in writing. If you decide to cease trading with us you must also return any materials to us. Any customer cancellations or rejections will continue to be deducted from your future commission statements until the last Clawback Period is complete.

  • How and when do I receive my commission?

    Depending on your VAT status this will dictate when we pay you;If you are not VAT registered we pay you on a weekly basis, one week after the sale has gone live.  If you are VAT registered we pay monthly and usually pay the last friday of the month.  Alternatively you can contact us commission queries at

  • Who do I contact if I have a query or feedback?

    Please feel free to contact us at