Take control of your energy costs now, with a smart meter

We know that seizing control of energy costs is high on the agenda for most businesses, that’s why we’re always looking for new and effective ways to help you control the energy that you use.

By understanding the energy you’re using and where you are using it, you can take the first big steps to making huge savings.

Please contact us to discuss your smart meter requirements. 01482 388 400.

How do smart meters work?

Smart meters work by transmitting a signal, in the same way a mobile phone does, automatically sending us your meter reading.

This means you only pay for the electricity you actually use because we can get an accurate meter reading from your smart meter.

But that’s only the start. In the future, because you’ve got a smart meter, you’ll be able to monitor what you’re using, when you're using it and then work out ways to use less therefore saving energy and reducing your costs.

Why is a smart meter good for business?

  • Actual meter reads mean you get accurate bills and no more annoying meter readings or estimated bills making it easier for you to control your electricity costs.
  • Our customers with smart meters will also be first in line to access our new smart-enabled technologies, which will provide data insight and consumption information to help you reduce energy further.