Joining/Leaving Axis

If you are considering joining or leaving Axis for your mobile services, you will need either a PAC or STAC code to switch your services. If you are an existing Axis customer you are able check your contract end date and any early termination cost by texting INFO to 80570.

Which code do I need?

PAC code – Used to transfer your mobile number and cancel your old contract.
STAC code – Used when wanting a new mobile number and cancel your old contract.

How do I get my PAC/STAC code?


Telephone Customer Service – 01482 388400

SMS –  Text PAC to   65075
             Text STAC to 75075
             Text INFO to 85075

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What to do with your PAC/STAC code

Either code would need to be given to your new chosen supplier. Both codes are valid for 30 days.

Request a Callback or Call us now on 01482 388 400